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REVRB Acoustical products are hand-made in Massachusetts, with the highest quality and most acoustically effective materials available, customized to suit each client’s unique needs. With two series available, Designer Series and Traditional Series, we offer a wide variety of soundproofing products for any project! 

All REVRB Acoustical Products Are Class A Fire Rated!

A room’s acoustics refers to the way sound behaves in that space. Rooms with solid surfaces, such as hardwood or tile floors, sheetrock walls, or steel ceilings, reflect sound rather than absorb it. With nothing to absorb the sound, it continues to bounce between surfaces, resulting in a reverberation, also known as an echo.

REVRB™ Acoustical Panels and Baffles are designed to minimize the amount of time a sound takes to stop echoing in an enclosed space, reducing the background noise to a more comfortable level. Each REVRB™ product is handmade in our Massachusetts shop and is completely customizable in size, shape, color, image, and design, allowing for seamless integration into any space and décor.

Join our clients who have increased their living comfort, or employee and client satisfation, simply by investing in their acoustic management!

Restaurants Homes Office Conference Rooms Manufacturing
Goverment Veterinary Offices Gyms Spas Studios
Commercial Spaces Bars Hotels Night Clubs Worship
Heathcare Bowling Alleys Recording Studios Function Halls Production Studios
Hospitality Theaters & Auditoriums Call Centers Machine Rooms Schools
Outdoors A/C Units Classrooms Animal Shelters Movie Theaters

Have A Photo? Put It On Any REVRB™ Product!

Transform your REVRB™ Acoustical Panels and Baffles into a work of art! REVRB™ Acoustical Art is the premier solution to merge functionality and design. Use our high-resolution screen printing service, hand paint them, or invent a new design. The options are endless! 

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