Collapsible Recording Booth

Waltham, MA

Dylan Carnes is also the master rapper DC of SpliffTown Record. We built two custom REVRB™ Panels to proudly (and pragmatically) display his album covers in his home. Not only do they assist in managing the sound within his living room, they are as artistic, attention-grabbing, loud, creative, unique, energetic, colorful, and all-around extraordinary as the Master Rapper himself.  

But while his crew hangs out under images of his past work, Dylan prefers to focus on new stuff just a few feet away in his 360° custom recording booth, complete with an acoustical window, REVRB™ walls, ceiling, and door, and an elegant hardwood floor. Outfitted with recessed lighting, electrical outlets, and plenty of room, Dylan just needs to enter his recording booth and he can leave everything else behind. And when he outgrows his current set-up, the booth is expandable and collapsible, so he can build it out, pack it up, and take it with him to the Big Time.