Optimizely Conference Room

New York, NY

Project Participants:

Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing

Optimizely is the world’s top experimentation platform, and helps 26 of the top Fortune 100 global businesses make smarter decisions through experimentation for product campaigns and more. Communication is important when it comes to the relationship between one business and another. It is just as important when you have internal meetings when planning how to go about started, executing, and finishing out a campaign for your customers. When a conference room produces too much reverberation and echo it can become hard to communicate and frustrating when co-workers need to project their voices louder to hear each other over the echo. By speaking louder or shouting, you cause more echo and reverberation in the room and it can become extremely aggravating causing negative attitudes and hasty decisions. Optimizely was having this problem with it’s conference rooms.

Brooklyn Insulation had a solution for them; REVRB Acoustical Panels: Traditional Series. With an easy and quick installation of the sound absorbent panels the echo and reverberation was taken down significantly and the employees at Optimizely could finally think again. Now they could continue on with meetings and conferences without the unwanted echo and reverberation that was previously causing them such a big headache. Installing REVRB Acoustical Panels where unwanted noise is produced is a simple step to a better work environment and an overall better mood for employees!