The Lobster Trap

Bourne, MA

The Lobster Trap is a popular Cape Cod go-to for both tourists and locals. Until recently, it was a treat only available during the peak tourist season when the four walls of windows were thrown open for the ultimate New England summertime dining experience. However, when the owners decided to stay open year-round, they closed the windows against the winter cold and opened themselves up to a new and completely unforeseen issue: the din became deafening. The establishment survived through the first winter, but the owners knew the restaurant, and the employees wouldn’t make it through two. As soon as spring rolled around, management contacted us to find a solution. During the initial consultation, we quickly recognized that we certainly had our work cut out for us. Not only were we trying to address the volume within the eatery, we simply had to find room for the soundproofing materials. Between the solid walls of glass and the busy wooden cathedral ceilings, there was no space to install anything. To resolve this issue, we installed REVRB™ Acoustical Panels among the decorations on the ceiling to absorb the noise. Using carefully-selected, aged wood, we then designed and fabricated wooden slats to mimic authentic lobster traps, then matched the stain to the interior of the restaurant and applied the crates over the panels for brilliant stylistic integration.