La Famiglia Giorgio's

North End Boston, MA

La Famiglia Giorgio’s is the quintessential authentic Italian restaurant in the renowned North End district of Boston. Wedged between two brick buildings, this family-owned business is constantly packed with diners searching for vero cibo Italiano. Yet, in true North End fashion, the space is tall and narrow, with a first floor of unadorned brick and plaster walls displaying a large mural of a traditional Italian landscape, oversized windows that open to the street, hardwood floors and bare tables, and a half-story above, boxed in by exposed brick and wood plank walls, an entire row of extra-long windows, low ceilings with wooden beams, and hardwood floors. But despite the intimate décor, the volume upstairs was anything but cozy.

La Famiglia Giorgio’s contracted New England Soundproofing - a certified installer for REVRBTM Acoustics - to address the issue. New England Soundproofing fabricated custom REVRB™ Acoustical Panels specifically for the space, and then plastered the walls and ceiling with them – though you’d never know it. New England Soundproofing disguised many of the panels with interesting and eye-catching images from Italy, and intermingled the panels with the existing decorations, merging them into one piece. Finally, New England Soundproofing adorned the ceiling with panels, carefully selecting a color that complimented the space but did not attract attention. La famiglia reale and their clients are now happily focused on the food instead of the noise. Cin cin!